There is a NEW BROKE DOWN AND FOUR DEAD BODIES STORY LIVE ON KICKSTARTER!! If you want to complete your collection of BROKE DOWN stories you will need this tale that shows you DENVER’S FIRST DAY!!


Let me tell you a little more about this comic book.

This project began as a WrittenSiNs Project back in 2017 and the theme was meant to be about Sins.  At the time WrittenSiNs was the Global Digital Comic Con now known as after a name change in Early 2018.  That name change, while it helped better explain what our site was about, kind of derailed the project. The project was meant to showcase artists and creators and also showcase our site. So the name change and due to being over extended the creator of, Mr.AnderSiN  put the project on hold.

Enter Travis Gibb

  Over dinner at SuperCon in Fort Lauderdale Travis Gibb encouraged Mr.AnderSiN to restart the project. He pointed out that it was a good idea that needed to be done.  Still overwhelmed,  Mr.AnderSiN  agreed to do the project only if  Travis Gibb took the reigns and became the project manager.  Travis agreed and together they began to bring the project to life with a new mission statement focusing on Creator creations instead of new throw away stories. 

Every Great Project needs a Great Editor: Enter Chuck Pineau

Chuck has worked on all things AnderSiN, and when Mr. AnderSiN  green lit this project he knew they need the best. He reached out to Chuck and within seconds Chuck wanted in. In all fairness, Chuck was already attached as the editor of the SiNs project, so it was meant to be. Together these 3 men have spent months talking about this project and getting creators excited and signed up for not just this issue but future issues.



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