Travis Gibb - Comic Writer

Origin  : Rochester, New Hampshire (USA)
Birth (age) : April 14 1979
Hobby  : Comic Books, Movies, Videos, Meatloaf, Speaking
Status  : I have been working in comics off and on for 15 years. I have been blessed to work on books such as Negative Burn (Yes, that book that launched  Brian Bolland, Alan Moore, P. Craig Russell, Dave Johnson, Dave Gibbons,  Mike Wieringo, Terry Moore, Brian Michael Bendis and Neil Gaiman.), Government Bodies, and local imprint Space Coast Comixx.  I am blessed to have a wonderful wife with two awesome daughters. I own a successful web design company that has been around for 10 years. But while I spend lots of time building other people's dreams every day, it's the time in my life to help create one of my own.

Felix Novara: Pencils, Designer

Origin  : Magelang, Indonesia
Birth (age) : November 16th 1978 (37)
Hobby  : Drawing, Sport, game
Status  : Happy, Married with three sons...

okay, been in this comic industry for almost 15 years, have a several book published by an Indonesian major label Gramedia, and also by a few US based Indie publisher.. motorcycle enthusiast and right now training and encourage my self for taekwondo black belt… ^_^;

James Sims : Colorist

Origin : born: Blairsville, Pa
Resides: York,
Pa Birth (age) : October 1974
Hobby : Comics (obviously), movies, video games, cosplay, collecting my fandoms JW is the founder of HOOLIGAN ALLEY COMICS, artist and colorist. He has been working full-time in comics since 2014 and has been colorist on several indie titles: ASTRAEA: GODDESS OF JUSTICE [aka SINFUL JUSTICE], POLICE STATE, & DARK STORM (coming soon) as well as several titles from Hooligan Alley Comics. JW has also done some promotional work for major comic companies over the years. JW’s work on the upcoming title OMNI (from Hooligan Alley comics) has been a labor of love and perseverance this past 2 years as he has battled cancer.

Jérôme Gagnon - Letterer

Origin : Jérôme Gagnon  (Montreal, Quebec )

Like the Bat or the Devil of Hell's Kitchen, after his work day's done, like a vigilante in the night, Jérôme wear another costume: The one of letterer & colorist! Seeking new challenges in his work as a graphic designer, Jérôme started to learn more about these two art forms. The hours of practice and the constant lack of sleep finally paid off.

Davi Comodo - Colors

Origin : Salvador, Bahia (Brazil)
Birth (age) : August 29, 1986
Hobby : Beer and Friends, play guitar, Marvel Movies, comics/anime/movies/games from 90s and 80s

A professional colorist who has been drawing all his life. In 2012, after a few years in advertising as a designer Davi left his job, a classical guitar college and a rock band to work on his childhood dream: Comics and Illustration. His published works includes “Battle Star Gallactica: Starbuck” (Dynamite), “Evil Dead 2” (Spacegoat Publishing), “Starcaster” (Ctrl+Alt+Del), “Starcraft Battlegrounds” (Red Bull/Blizzard), “Mirror’s Edge: Exordium” (Dark Horse) and “Power Rangers” (BOOM!).