Dog Days – A Zootopia Crime Noir Story


To help pay for additional development and printing of Dogs Days Original Graphic Novel. This is comic is the FIRST ORIGINAL GRAPHIC NOVEL by Evoluzione. Appearing first in Evoluzione Magazine this has been a FAN FAVORITE!! Finally put together in a collected format

A pair of canine detectives find themselves embroiled in a cults attempts to murder and skin citizens. Follow this pair as they unravel the secrets and mystery behind Mother and her twisted followers. Can they save the animals in time or will their skins be next?

  • Written By: Travis Gibb (Broke Down And Four Dead Bodies, Negative Burn, Government Bodies) 
  • Pencil and Ink By: Riccardo Faccini ( Shadows, Kooper ) 
  • Colors By:  Claudia Giuliani (Sail Into Death, IL Buio)
  •  Lettering By: Brant Fowler (Lil’Ember,  Angelica Reigns, Celestial Falcon)
  • Edited By: Chuck Pineau (Welcome To The Void, Beial)
  • Additional Writing By  Niall Presnall  ( The Space Heists of Vyvy and Qwerty)
  • Dog Days- OGN VOLUME#1 is a 100 -page Graphic Novel comic in standard American comic size, on high-quality gloss paper.
  • Backers get various cover options
  • A complete STORY
  • Plus loads of additional bonus content in the Deluxe Digital PDF!
  • Fans of movies like Zootpoia, Pulp Fiction, Usual Suspects, or Snatch
  • Fans of crime comics like Sin City, Fables, Stray Bullets, 100 Bullets, and Criminal
  • Fans of crime television like CSI, Sopranos, Prison Break, and Sons of Anarchy
  • People who like crime noir/crime fiction
  • People who like great Crime Fiction with a Twist

                                             4 PAGE PREVIEW


                                                                         HIGHLIGHTED SECTIONS
Cover Not Finalized for printing so may change slightly
Cover Not Finalized for printing so may change slightly


The Goal

This is a campaign to fund the printing of the original Graphic Novel – DOG DAYS. This comic is a 120 page crime, zootopia , violent and bloody story, full color, to be published digitally and in print. Production is nearly complete and it’s almost time to hit print!

We invite you to come along on this pulse-stopping crime comic book.

Risks and challenges

There are actually very few substantial risks for this project. The comic itself is being finished up and our goal is to make sure this is printed for San Diego Comic Con! We want to get out backers there books ASAP!

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