Every single FREE comic day, I go to the comic store with my KIDS and their cousins. I stand and line and I pick up my 5 free comics. The kids always get ALL AGES books and from time to time, i read them. I find most of them not very fun read. I feel that they are just watered-down version of the real comic. A Marvel Super Hero, DC Hero, TMNT Adventure or Star Wars adventure will never be as enjoyable as the real thing. So, over time I have started to develop a love/hate relationship with ALL AGES BOOKS.

That all changed when i was blessed to get an ADVANCE copy of CATDAD and SUPERMOM. I friggen love this book. It’s funny, it’s clever and it has an ELEPHANT WHO FARTS!!!! This book is super enjoyable for the kids and the paper stock and page quality is designed to take a little abuse. I found this book filled with great kid values but also with a unique sense of humor that a child loves. It shows the imagination of a child without apologizing for being a child’s book. I think this is a book that the whole family will enjoy!

This book is currently on KICKSTARTER and its a damn shame that it isn’t already funded.

Check it out here

Travis Gibb

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