Today, I am reviewing something that doesn’t happen often. An indie comic book that not only made it too ISSUE 3 but is finishing its story. We have have an ending!! This is very rare in the Kickstarter world of comics and I’m happy to see it with Cosmic]Times.  I love what Martin Pierro does and i am always excited to pick up a book by Cosmic Times. Originally they put this series together as a collected  Orginal Graphic Novel, but then they broke it into three separate acts or chapters. This first chapter sets the stage, revealing the mysterious patient 27 who goes on a rampage through the Grove Mental hospital where he has been a prisoner for ten long years.  We learn a little bit about his backstory and how he struggles with faith. We learn that he can’t seem to be killed!! He is a man on a mission even if that mission isn’t clear to us yet.

This book is a wild adventure if you like old school ACTION STAR movie where the main character is always on the run and we learn a little bit more about him every scene this is the book for you. The story tries to be action-packed and delivers. I don’t always love the angles that Zach Bassett choices for his character to be in but I will say that they are always very interesting and not what you see in your typical comic. Plus, when he gets an angle right its pretty damn amazing. The first issue doesn’t tell you a lot about the story and how it unfolds but when you get to Issue 2 the story really exploded and im sure we have some twists coming in ISSUE 3 that will bring this comic to a satisfying ending. There is also a familiar face if you follow my BROKE DOWN SERIES!! Our friend Victorino Mendoza Muyo jr does the colors and it’s really neat to see his style on a different book because he has lots of different ways that he colors a book.

The creative team is as followed

Creator/Co-Writer/Inker: James Whynot
Co-Writer/Penciler/Inker: Zach Bassett
Co-Writer/Editor: Martin T Pierro
Colorist: Victorino Mendoza Muyo Jr
Inks & Embellishments: Kenneth Leinaar
Letterers: Michael Moore & ET Dollman
Variant Cover Artist: Larry Watts

This come on to KICKSTARTER tomorrow and if you haven’t given it a try why dont you jump on it!! It think is a great book and you will be happy that you did.

Travis Gibb
Broke Down And Four Dead Bodies


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