Life has been super crazy for me lately but I wanted to get a review in about Scott Weldon’s series HARLAND BUCK – FREESWORD.  I have been following this series for awhile online.  Lots of people talk about this amazing series and many consider it there favorite without ever putting out a KICKSTARTER or a GoFund me.  Scott and I have even had a lengthy discussion on Facebook posts about the pros and cons of Kickstarter.  Weldon Studios has an amazing business model with online sales and gaining a fan base slow and steady. I have some much respect for Scott and his team. Weldon Studios is a small indie company that has really done a great job at building a fanbase. I finally had a chance to order a copy of the series and I picked ISSUE 5 – BAD BUSINESS.

Bad Business is about Harland Buck in a moment of rest where he is forced to mix business with pleasure forcing him into situations that he would rather not be in. First, off let me state this. Scott Weldon is a level above most creators. I would even say that he is a level above me with this story. Scott made a very simple story have lots of deeper complexity.  Its really draws you in and you get to know Harland Buck on a deeper level as he deals with the consequences of his profession. What impresses me and why I say its a level above is, Indy Creators (myself included) tend to avoid simple stories. We want something GRAND or COMPLEX.  We want everyone to know that we are clever. Scott Weldon didn’t do that he told a story and he told it well. I will be buying more issues of this series and I can see why people rave about it.

If you want to try out the series yourself ORDER HERE.

Travis Gibb
Orange Cone Productions

  1. Thanks so much for the rave review. I’m humbled and excited at the same time. I truly appreciate you taking the time, and for the high praise. I’m glad someone appreciates my “simple” stories 😉

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