Hello Friends, it has been a while since I have done one of these INDIE REVIEWS!! It’s not because there isn’t great comics out. Its just that i have been crazy busy working on so new and exciting thing for BROKE DOWN #3!! So, today i am gonna introduce you to one of my favorite books.


Milky is written by Joshua Saxon and Art by Gian Fernando. This book is STUNNING! The art quality is top notch and DC ALonso colors as always very top tier!! This book is a cross between Scott Pilgram and Doctor Who. Its funny and clever. The plot is about a MILKMAN who is in love with a girl in the middle of an invasion from an ALIEN RACE that wants to steal our women.

The pairing of the art and dialog is really fantastic. I found myself laughing often while reading this book and the details on each page make you really take notice. It reminds my of a GREEN LATERN CORPs issue looking at all the different various races and species on OA.  This book should be published by  IMAGE, SCOUT, SOURCEPOINT, VAULT or MADCAVE its really that good.

Issue 1 and 2 are one of the best indie comics that i have read this year. I couldn’t put them down and i was VERY QUICK to back ISSUE #3. If you are stuck and home and need your comic book fix. Here is something that i recommend.


For village milkman Vikinder Singh (“Milky” to the residents of Crafton Hill), everyday is a roundhouse kick to his self-esteem. He gets screamed at in the street by a racist old lady, the local mechanic steals from his milk float and the new supermarket is taking his customers. The best part of Milky’s day is delivering a bottle of semi-skimmed to pharmacist Lucy Bell. If only he had the balls to tell her how he feels about her…But on the morning he decides to do exactly that, Lucy and the village women are abducted by friggin’ scary aliens.
Despite having no powers, no super armour or self-esteem, Milky holds the fate of the world in his hands as he embarks on an impossible adventure to save Lucy and stop a full-on alien invasion…

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