So, truth be told. I am not a fan of samurai stories. I don’t watch many of the movies or comics in Samurai/Ninja genre. The culture has never really struck my fancy. Unless you count TMNT then well im all in. However,  in the last few weeks. I have been spending time with the indie creator Conner Bartel.  Hearing about his passion for Storytelling. So, I figured I would give it a try.  Swords & Sorrows is a Japanese inspired one-shot comic about an assassin called Rat, who wants out of the life of contract killing.

Its a typical story of Guilds during that time period. Its a stunning tale of how they live and the rules they must abide by to survive.  This is a wonderful poetic story that is told in a single one-shot. Conner seems to have a grip on character development.  This book is basically a two-person tale was both characters grew by the end of the story in this fight for freedom. Lots of great visuals and nonstop action.

The best part for me about this book is the STUNNING black and white. Atagun Ihan is an amazing artist and his ink works have to been seen to enjoy. This artist is incredible!  I really enjoyed this one shot and I can’t wait to get my hands on the physical copy. If you haven’t got it on Kickstarter pledge now!!



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