I haven’t had a chance to give an INDIE REVIEW in a while but since my friends, MATT KNOWLES and STEPHANIE CANNON have a great trade paperback live on Kickstarter. I wanted to review their last book TALES FROM NOCTURINA. This book was a great KICKSTARTER they got the books out to me fast and one of the creative team flew across the country just make sure the fans got the books properly packed and signed! I have so much respect for this awesome creative team. So, Tales from Nocturina is the tale of a kingdom in shambles. a throne sits empty and as they are trying to figure out all that GAME OF THRONE stuff while a new evil lurks in the background. This book is jammed packed with characters. I felt that I needed a strategy guide because of all these amazing characters being thrown at me. It gave you the excitement of a brand new novel but thrown into a small package with pictures. (My favorite way to read novels) TONS of new characters get introduced in this epic tale and lots of agendas and mysterious throughout this dynamic first issue. My favorite was the HEADTAKER with the prophecy of dying a gruesome death.  I really enjoyed the dark color choices and the art style of Javi Laparra. This book is also very heavy on the dialog. You are gonna want to read this book twice to get all the details!!! There were some lettering choices that I didn’t fully understand but I feel that once this book gets into full swing they will make more sense.

I also was a huge fan of the bad guys of the book “The Fractured Brotherhood” are really cool!! I loved the little raccoon that scene was one of my personal favorites. Last, but not least one of the coolest thing about this book is that it ties into HEIRS OF ISILDUR (the series right now on Kickstarter) This is a bold and daring move for an indie project. This is some MARVEL, DC and IMAGE type initiative. This book takes risks and makes bold choices to build a strong fanbase. If you like a good Fantasy World with a little bit of Steampunk thrown in. This is the book for you.


Here is a link to there Kickstarter if you want to pick up this book or the trade (LIKE I DID)


Travis Gibb
Orange Cone Productions


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