#INeedaMiracle is the beginning to an all-new fantasy adventure from Jack Holder, Lucas Santos, Chunlin Zhao and Micah Myers. It is the world premiere of T. Titus Thyme, Theological Investigator, and Bev.

So, I got the chance to read #IneedaMiracle today.  This comic starts out strong and just keeps going. The basic concept of A New God granting miracles via twitter was really interesting to me.  Watching people use this gift to get better coffee or to even use it for murder. The dialogue was really strong and I found both T.Titus Thyme and Bev super interesting characters that I wanted to learn more about them.

This one-shot is a great introduction to the characters and I challenge you to not be inspired by Jack Holders Dialogue. The ART is stunning and as good if not better then some of the BIG TWO’s work. This is a fun comic that I can’t wait to invest and explore more of this world.

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