I Entered The Void!

When a relatively unknown and rookie writer funds in 40 hours, you take notice!! This is a book that I needed to check out.  I myself being a backer was blessed when I had the chance to read Chuck Pineau start to his epic masterpiece called WELCOME TO THE VOID. This book is a quick read but don't be confused there is depth here. When you read it and see strange things happen, i found myself wanting answers and rushing to the end. Some of the visuals are breathtaking in this book.  The ending grips you and I'm already in love with this music-loving Asian named Manny. As you read you will wonder if your mind is playing tricks on you when you see some of the cool effects the VOID has on the reader.

The ending also definitely made me want to sign on for issue 2. I highly recommend this Kickstarter


Travis Gibb


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