So, I missed out on Xob before.  However, i was lucky and got a chance to get the first issue and second issue in the latest Kickstarter by Taurus Comics. However, since its shipping date isn’t until January. I wanted to get my hands on the first issue ASAP.
So, here is how I did it. I ran a kickstarter of my own and asked my buddy Kyrun to have it as a digital reward. (Some of my backers will even be getting these amazing digital books) When he sent it to me. I read it and I’m glad I did!
This issue is better than ALL OF THE “NEW HEROES” of the DC just tried to slam down my throat. It has a brilliant story and the book is action packed.
Xob has a Buffy The Vampire Slayer with a hero that has a legacy that she doesn’t fully grasp.
The dialog was witty and the villans were very modern-day with a classic He-Man feel. (I really dug it)  I love the design of XOB and can’t wait to see what adventure she gets into.
The second issue can not come fast enough. I find myself extremely interested in the former XOB and learning the amazing history of this character.
The only negative thing i can say about this book is that the side characters haven’t been fully fleshed out. However, that is extremely hard to do in issue 1.  I loved this book and will back this project again and again.

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