For fans of the role-playing game Vampire: The Masquerade. You will totally understand why I was super excited about this book. When I looked at the cover and saw all the darkness and shadows. I thought…..wait….wait….a LASOMBRA Comic Book!! Take my money!!! For those who have no idea what I was just talking about dont worry about it and just look at these amazing visuals. The Art of Massimiiano Veltri is BREATHTAKING!! The inks and the shadows blend in with the colors in a stunning way that really makes each page better than the next. Each character has its own unique style and grace.

SFC Comics is new to me. I haven’t purchased a single title prior to the Gentleman, I have seen that they do very well on KICKSTARTER with 6 successful books funded. They seem too be getting some great talent as a company and if this book is any indication then they are KILLING IT!!

Now, lets talk about the writing. The writing of Greg Anderson-Elysee is smart and interesting.  My personal favorite scene is when the thirsty women asked for attention and The Gentleman. Well, he handles it like a Gentleman. This shows the moral grounds of this character and his emotional state. Its a very different approach when you look at indie comics were most characters try to be darker then necessary. This book has just enough Horror, Action and Supernatural to make you ask questions and want more. There is a few things that stood out to me as odd. However, you can clearly tell that they are set up for the rest of the series and the main plot. I found myself very interested in Oliver Solomon, aka The Gentleman and his journey. This comic feels more than a typical Super Natural Detective story with Lovecraftian horror twist. It feels modern and true take on a man with powers trying to use them for good. I expected a John Constantine type character but instead got someone new and original with all sorts of complexities.

I highly recommend this book and cant wait for issue 2. 5/5


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