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I had a really cool interview with Gene from NERD NATION RADIO. We talked comics and anthologies for about 30 Minutes!! An interview will be live on FRIDAY!!

If you want to listen

Charboil and El Bandito - POWER HOUR OF LOVE - 9pm - 8/13/2018

Charboil and El Bandito host a LIVE Pop-Culture Nerd Podcast titled "Power Hour of Love" which airs on Facebook LIVE, every Monday night at 9pm. I will be their guest on Monday - August 13th @ 9pm

If you missed it

This week, Travis Gibb joins to talk about his new book, Broke Down & Four Dead Bodies Comic Book Series!

You can listen to the show through the link below, or subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or Stitcher and never miss an episode! And as always, it’s FREE! 

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