We are super excited for you to take part in this adventure with us. We need to raise $2500.00 to make this comic come to life. The comic is complete but now we need to get the comic in print and get it out to our fans. It’s time for you to hold BROKE DOWN & FOUR DEAD BODIES in your hands.  So, with the kickstarter we have various pledge levels. I have levels from $1.00 all the way too $350.00. We wanted to show you one of the greatest value packages that we have.


That is the $35.00 collectors kit!! You will get lots of Broke Down Content


What’s Broke Down and 4 Dead 

Bodies About?

After years of being on the bottom, Randy and Denver are finally on their way to being “Made Men”. Someone had other plans and now a simple drop has them broke down on the side of the road with four dead bodies.

Written By: Travis Gibb (Negative Burn, Government Bodies)
Pencil and Ink By: Felix Novara (Kittarou Witch Hunter, Argo 5)
Colors By: James Sims (Omni)
Lettering By: Jérôme Gagnon (Tellos – the Mike Wieringo Tribute, Vol I & II)
Cover Colors By: Davi Comodo (Mirror’s Edge, Evil Dead)
Additional Cover Art & Color By Karl Moline (Buffy, Avengers Arena, Loners, Superboy)

What exactly do you get with BROKE DOWN AND FOUR DEAD BODIES #1?

  • BROKE DOWN AND FOUR DEAD BODIES #1 is a 32-page comic in standard American comic size, on high-quality gloss paper.
  • Backers get various cover options from Felix Novara and Karl Moline
  • Includes 30 pages of story.
  • Plus loads of additional bonus content in the Deluxe Digital PDF!

The Goal

This is a campaign to fund the printing of the first issue in the BROKE DOWN AND 4 DEAD BODIES three-issue mini-series. This comic is a 30 page violent and bloody story, full color, to be published digitally and in print. Production is nearly complete and it’s almost time to hit print!

To date, we have finished all of the art, lettering, print formatting, and we are waiting on some final color pages. The colors will be completed by the end of the campaign.

We invite you to come along on this pulse-stopping crime comic book.



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