Just a quick update!! So, the amazing and talented Jérôme Gagnon has finished Lettering the book. We are giving him some minor edits and showing the book off to a couple of people to gain some reviews. Here is some of the feedback i got!!


“First of all, man, thank you for the opportunity to help in any way with your project. It looks very cool. The art is top notch and there’s a really fun mood to the story. It’s like if Guy Ritchie directed Pulp Fiction. Your two leads are as well developed as I could have expected in a first issue. Pacing is also really good, and I didn’t feel there were any really draggy parts. I also really like the jokes, and that is huge for keeping the story from getting too intense in the wrong way.”


Albert Lim

Albert is creating a cool space comic right now. Learn more about that here


Anyways, here is a sample of a lettered page!!! Enjoy!

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