Broke Down And Four Dead Bodies #3 (Homage)


SINKING CAR!! SINKING CASE! Miguel catches up to the boys! Guns draw and F-words!  With Mr. Washington and the Pyscho 78s not far behind, how do Randy and Denver get out of this and not end up in jail?

  • Written By: Travis Gibb (Advocator, Negative Burn, Government Bodies)
  • Pencil and Ink By: Felix Novara (Kittarou Witch Hunter, Argo 5)
  • Colors By: James Sims (Omni)
  • Lettering By: Jérôme Gagnon (Tellos: the Mike Wieringo Tribute, Vol I & II)
  • Cover Colors By: Claudia Giuliani (Project Icarus, Dogdays)
  • Edits by: Heather Gibb


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