So, i have wanted to give a update on the   COMIC BOOK SUPER TEAM BOOK- ANTHOLOGY. I have been getting GREAT REPLIES AND GREAT SUPPORT!! I wanted to let you know the people who are intrested in the project so far and let you know what the plan is moving forward.


As, I said before I think this could be a HUGE anthology that would be easily funded on KICKSTARTER. If you are seeing this page its because I think you are SUPER TALENTED and I want you part of this project. We have aleady had our first ROUND of YES’S and that has warmed my heart that people would want to work with me.

There was a couple of questions that came up and i wanted to answer them and explain the teams below as they are being formed.

1. TEAM SET UPs are taking place between now and Jan 2020. This will be me approving teams, setting up writers and artists as needed. This will also be a time if two people really want to work on the same charecter that i can try and communicate with both teams and see if the story fits. I will also need PAGE LENGTHS during this time

2. How will it work?? So, basicly the concept is Dorothy sells out OZ to save our world.  Each story will take place at some point during the invasion. (DAY 1, DAY 27, DAY 347) That will allow time to pass and allow the storys to all take place in the same continunity.

3. Payment, ill be honest i havent fully worked it all out but it will basicly be everyone getting copies and a page rate. Any aditional funds raised will be used to add to copies to each creator. (In theory this will be more valueable then cash.) I will hold printing rights for 2 years but after that you may re-print as needed. If a publisher wants it after the KICKSTARTER. We will then speak to each team and figure out the best coarse of action. The goal is not make a ton of money but get a cool new book on your table and collab with some great ARTISTS and WRITERS

4. I plan on using the same LETTER for all stories but may have different colorist depending on the story. (Jerome Gagnon)

5. Random other thing is i have signed a poet to do POEMS in a Lovecraft style between each story. I think this will add a lot of flavor and style to the project (David Greshel)

6. I have signed on a CTHULHU EDITIOR. He has worked on the CALL OF CTHUHLU RPG for years and he will make sure each story minions are used properly in LOVECRAFT Fashion

7. CTHULHU has a list of Minions you can use. Once we put together the teams. i will give you the list but you can do something any of the LOVECRAFT stories. (You do have to be a little careful because some of them arent allowed to be used

8. OZ Charecters that can be used are below but if you wanted to use a chareter from one of the later books that would be fine. We would just need to discuss it. (There is like 10 books in the OZ universe)

AS, I SAID BEFORE Each Creative Team will take on a character of OZ and show how it responds to the CTHULU INVASION.

I am so happy with who we have so far!! This team is AMAZING! We have people who have worked for EVERY MAJOR PUBLISHER PRO AND INDIE already and i cant wait to add more!!

  • Submission must be between 2-10 pages



    – Dorthey (W Travis Gibb)
    – WIZARD OF OZ (W Brian L Hawkins)
    – LION (W Richard Rivera)
    – SCARECROW (W Chuck Pineau, A Kyrun Silva)
    – TIN MAN ( W John Crowther and W Jonathan Hedrick)
    – MAYOR OF MUNCHKIN CITY (W Kurt Belcher)
    – WICKED WITCH OF WEST  (W/ Russell Nohelty, A Nicolas Touris)
    – GLINDA ( W/A Jamie Primack)
    – JACK PUMPKINHEAD (W/ David Bryne A/Brian Silverback)
    – TOTO ( W Caleb Palmquist, A Eric Hawkins)
    – WINGED MONKEYS (flying monkeys)  (W Dirk Manning A Karl Morline)
    – EMERALD CITY GUARDS (w/A Tyler Carpter)
    – Yellow Brick Road (W Rob Andersin)

  • Additonal Writers and Artist that have agreed to take part that we are building teams for- W  John schlim jr
    – W  Joseph Duis
    – W/A Austin Janowsky
    – A  Javier Lugo
    – A Riccardo Faccini
    – W David Bryne
    – A Rich Woodall (Cover Only)
    – A Martha Schwartz
    – W Greg Anderson Elysée

    Plus more that i may have forgot

    So, that’s the update. Please let me know if you are intrested in the project!

    If you are interested please Email Me at

    Please keep this quiet this is not an open submission and I am personally messaging people. I dont want people to be offended if I didn’t ask them because there are tons of very talents people that I would like to work with but I am limited based on the project.

    Thank You, for considering this one way or another.

    Travis Gibb