Hey Guys!!!!

We did it!!! We did it!! We got the AIR FRESHENERS!!! Hell Ya!! So, all physical backers will get that !!

 So, since that is taken care of! Let’s see what we have for STRETCH GOAL 2.This one is amazing!! Let’s give you a preview.

 WOW!! That’s pretty awesome! Let me know if you have any questions but those are pretty good! We really to get them in your delivery when BROKE DOWN ships!!

So, last but not least. I wanna tell you about some of my friends. Courtney Hahn is a dynamically talented and amazing artist. I am blessed to be working with her on a WRESTLING Anthology: Kayfabe volume 3. This is a really good book to check out!!


 There are many tales of creepy dolls throughout history. Gathered within Colorful Tales of Dreadful Dolls are 20 such tales for your consumption. From a CPR dummy to a baby doll in a cradle to a doll smashed and found in a creek, they all have stories. Perhaps even more frightening, they all want you to know them.

My friend Carie Varner put together this really cool book. I wanted to show you guys it and let you be aware of this CREEPY but cool project!!


Originally published in four separate volumes, all 15 short comics in the Modern Testament series have been collected into a single trade for the first time ever!

  • This 160-page book contains the work of 50+ creators over 5 years. Inside you’ll find 15 standalone tales all illustrated by a different art team…

  •  including 2 FCBD shorts, never before seen in print…

  • and the TPB exclusive “Campaign Promises” featuring the Antichrist!

  • Complete pinup and a cover gallery. All within a wraparound cover from artist Shawn Langley.



Travis Gibb

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