So, we have some big news!!

Hey Guys, We have tons of cool stuff going on while we prepare for launch. First off, Broke Down & Four Dead Bodies has an AMAZING new LOGO. The logo was created by our Letter Jérôme Gagnon!! He also created the Orange Cone Productions Logo!! He is killer and I am so happy to have him on the team. He is the real MVP!


The second announcement is bittersweet. Some of you know that today was suppose to be LAUNCH DAY!! The Kickstarter was supposed to go live and it was gonna be awesome! However, we decide to push it back a week or two. Why would we do that? Well, we want the book to be the best version of the book it can be when it comes out. A friend of mine James Sims offered to color Broke Down. We signed him on the team in a heartbeat because of his AMAZING Talent. We are giving him time to at least get 10 pages of the book in the can before we launch the Kickstarter. We want to make sure that there are no delays with this project. Our goal from day 1 was to have a finished project at launch!! We know people wanted color so we made it happen. So, we apologize for the delay but we want this book to be the best version of itself!!! I will give you a date ASAP. We are thinking of even having an early bird deal when we launch. So, keep checking your email.



Did you attend Super Con???

I was at SUPER CON with new friend Rob Andersin
If you were lucky then you may have heard me at a panel or maybe you purchased one of Rob’s book and got a copy of Government Bodies Number 3!! I did the 5 pages back up of this book in 2005. I handed some out with an AD for Broke Down.

Well, that’s all I have for today! I will reach out very soon with a date for launch!! See you soon!

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