Sometimes an Avenger; Sometimes a Defender; Always the Protector.

That is the tagline of this great book!! I have had the pleasure of meeting Marcus H. Roberts and heard his passion for comics. Just hearing him talk made me want to pick up this book. His passion for the industry and his encouragement was amazing. I then and saw this AMAZING ART for this comic and had to get it!!

Dumbara was the greatest hunter/tracker of Ontswa village. He was also their fiercest warrior and represented his tribe. Dumbara is tough but soulful. He is a great three-dimensional character that I found myself loving to learn how he thought and could get behind his drive. I loved the spiritual side of the book and cant wait to learn how it all works. This book was a great mix of African supernatural and the modern world. I was excited to turn the pages and learn more about this tribe and every part of this new exciting world.

This book also a HUGE RHINO. More books need RHINOS. Seriously, we need to talk about this friggin RHINO. It was large scary and breathtaking.

This book was a lot of set up but i cant wait too see what comes next in this world of The Protector. This is an amazing first issue and I recommend it to anyone who wants to try out a new series.


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